Road safety demands advanced security surveillance systems to deal with complex and critical concerns like accident detection, collision, traffic flow monitoring, speed detection, traffic rules violation, etc. At Startologic, we provide custom security surveillance systems to serve every pain point of transportation safety management. We enable smart integration of existing systems to foster timely actions, responses, and decision-making.

Our solutions include analog, IP, and HD-TVI cameras, onboard Video Recording, panic alarm systems, status indication, live view, remote Playback, route Playback, GPS Location, etc.

Our Technologies


Detect, Recognize, and identify the person/face


Record, Monitoring, and create situation awareness


ANPR accurately reads vehicle
number plates

Access Control

Multifactor authentication, identify and verify authorization

Video Wall

Multi system monitoring, and video projection


Automatic video summarization, fast navigation, and retrieval of video


Centralized management, correlate and integrate security application


Processing ability, Synchronization of devices.