Perimeter Intrusion Detection

With constant trespassing and intrusion threats, it has become important for organizations to install perimeter intrusion detection systems. Perimeter intrusion detection systems refer to adopting a robust, secure and reliable detection strategy to help mitigate risks arising from unauthorized intrusions. They relay prompt and accurate location information of potential intruders, which, in turn, enables quick and appropriate response to minimize losses.


Some benefits of perimeter intrusion detection systems include rapid threat detection, early warning, enable discrete monitoring, enhanced safety at workplace, and flexibility and control. Safe perimeters keep the premises secure, thus reducing security instances to a considerable extent.

Key Features

  • Display real-time locations of intrusion alarms on maps and/or interfaces to other systems,
  • Detects and identifies intrusion types and locations.
  • A single perimeter security system protects up to 80km of sensor length
  • Locate intrusions to 10 meters on FFT approved installations
  • Uniform distributed fiber optic sensor
  • No electronics or power in the field
  • Immune to EMI/RFI

Verticals Served

Border & Defense



Oil & Gas