Data Centers

Data centers store the most valuable asset for companies these days – data! Data theft, Intrusions, or unfortunate incidents like fire, etc. could cost companies millions. Let alone the sensitive business information the data may end up disclosing to the bad actors! Thus, you need advanced surveillance to ensure continuous monitoring and systems that alert you against various incidents.

At Startologic, we acknowledge the security needs of contemporary data centers. Accordingly, we provide a range of custom security surveillance solutions.

Our data center security surveillance solutions cover every aspect of data center security. Along with continuous monitoring, they help data center staff to identify suspicious activity and thus prevent data theft. Thus, our solutions include specialized camera, FRS, VMS, IP-PA, fire and safety, intrusion detection, etc. to keep your data center safe.

Our Technologies


Detect, Recognize, and identify the person/face


Record, Monitoring, and create
situation awareness

Video Analytics

Analyze, detect, and determine


Centralized management, correlate
and integrate security application

Fire & Safety

Prevention, Detection, Reporting, and alarm generating

Access Control

Multifactor authentication, identify and verify authorization


Detect and identify suspicious activity and generate alarm

Cyber Security

Protecting system, network and
program for digital threat