Gunshot Detection System

Violent situations can escalate quickly. Hence, law enforcement agencies require technologies that inform them of firearm shootings and support investigations. Gunshot Detection Technology (GDT) is one such system. It leverages a network of outdoor acoustic sensors to auto-detect, verify, and quickly notify the police and authorities of that particular time and location of firearm releases.


Some benefits of gunshot detection systems include quicker information relay, rapid response, quicker problem solving, and crime prevention.

Key Features

  • Frequency-based Gunshot Detection
  • 100 ft indoor sensor gunshot detection range,
  • 150 ft outdoor sensor gunshot detection range
  • Immediate response via Text, E-mail, Phone calls, VMS, E911, etc. within seconds.
  • Ballistic data, shooter Location, and Live video stream from the nearest camera.

Verticals Served

Smart & Safe Cities


Border & Defense

Law Enforcement