Ruggedized Camera

As the name suggests, a panoramic camera helps form a continuous record of an expansive sector of the horizon. They allow exceptional real-time security compared to traditional and asymmetric security threats. Panoramic cameras prove highly useful in video surveillance systems, as the continuously create and relay high-definition panoramic images or videos of a particular area, thus enabling better control over it.


Thus, they are useful in areas that wide-area surveillance like coasts, ports, sensitive premises, borders, etc. These cameras can identify and provide intrusion alerts to even the smallest of threat, thus cautioning everyone and minimizing the risk.

Key Features

  • Built in Web Server for easy setup
  • Future proof & Firmware Upgradeable
  • Linux Kernel & SDK Available
  • Intelligent alarms
  • Range of cable options
  • Remote maintenance
  • Low light capability
  • Optical Zoom options
  • Picture freeze
  • High Resolution camera
  • Multi stream Simultaneously
  • Fast shutter option

Verticals Served

Border & Defense

Oil & Gas