Command and Control

Command and control systems help with tactical decision-making through processes like data fusion, augmented collective intelligence, 3D situation awareness and actionable insights. The most efficient Command and Control solutions are modular, scalable platforms that allow you to add more sensors, systems. Besides, every application has its unique needs.


Thus, command and control system can be specifically designed to suit the needs of the application help have better control and provide a higher degree of security.

Key Features

  • Open Architecture
  • Manage and handle alarm events, access control, video, audio, analytics, radar.
  • System integration – All open security and BMS systems
  • GUI Mapping and asset geo-localization
  • Real-time alerts
  • Rapid responses – Common Operating Procedures
  • Incident log and reporting
  • Audit of operator actions
  • Visitor management
  • Centralized access management

Verticals Served

Smart & Safe Cities



Border & Defense