Facial Recognition System

Facial recognition is a transformative security surveillance system that uses face as the medium to grant access to a particular system. But is that it? No. Facial recognition has gone past its fundamental purpose. It can identify faces and provide every detail about the individual. It can help security surveillance officials identifying unknown faces, especially in airports, railway stations, corporates, and facilities that store sensitive information.


Some benefits of facial recognition systems include enhanced public security, quick and non-invasive identity verification, improved workforce attendance system, identify unknown individuals and tightening security around critical systems through face and facial feature recognition.

Key Features

  • Real-time face detection
  • Detect, Identify, and analyze faces in challenging scenarios and environments.
  • Crowd surveillance and tracking of suspect POIs.
  • Creation and management of multiple watchlists per camera
  • GDPR Compatibility
  • NIST Compliant
  • Mask or No-Mask Detection
  • Automatic 1: N, N: N and 1:1 identification against multiple watchlists
  • Search for appearances and camera history in real time and offline.
  • Auto-Enrollment of multiple faces.
  • Recognition at extreme angles, Partial or varying angles.
  • Demographic recognition.

Verticals Served

Smart & Safe Cities

Law Enforcement

Border & Defense