LiDAR-Based Detection System

LiDAR is a popular security and surveillance application. LiDAR-based detection systems are characterized by long range, high reliability, and centimeter-level accuracy. LiDAR-based detection systems help with crowd analytics that help understand visitor, passenger, or customer movements. They allow you to track crowds anonymously and continuously in real-time, allowing you to regulate people movements and enhance the use of your space.


In addition, LiDAR sensors play a pivotal role in security as well. They capture high-resolution 3D data to detect object size, velocity, and direction within their scope. Conditions like poor light, or harsh weather do not affect their performance.

Key Features

  • 3D model of the environment, with many scan lines per frame.
  • High-resolution depth images with valuable data about object position, size, and velocity.
  • LiDAR data has exact 3D coordinates and accurate object sizes that enable robust detection and tracking algorithms.
  • Output interfaces that ensure easy integration into standard video management systems or alarm systems.
  • GUI Configuration for sensor data – graphical display of sensor data.

Verticals Served



Border & Defense

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