Pre-Sales Support

Our sales and pre-sales teams work closely with our channel partners and their customers to enable an understanding of the functional requirements. In addition, we suggest technology solutions that address their concerns and answer questions about these systems, compatibility, licensing, etc.

Our teams further extend their support in preparing business proposals, including solution writeups/bid preparations, high-level documentation, system requirement, project estimates, etc. In other words, we provide significant project assistance to contribute positively to the project’s results.

Custom Development

Customization is at the core of our expertise. We consider resolving customer concerns with tailored solutions our fundamental purpose in the business. We offer these services to our SI partners (or teaming partners) to deliver the required integration. This initiative helps our SI partner to be at the forefront of opportunities while outpacing their competitors.

We look forward to extending these services to the other technology partners & their SI partners, looking to develop integration with respective third-party systems chosen by them for their projects.

Technical Support

Every stage of a project is crucial. But nothing defines customer approach as much as technical support. We provide end-to-end technical support to our clients across every project phase along the supplied systems.

Thus, our support includes preparing prerequisites, installation of the provided systems, configuration, troubleshooting, and testing of the provided systems, upgrades and update, Annual Maintenance Contract support. The purpose of providing comprehensive technical support to our partners is to relieve them of concerns related to the systems we offer.

Learning & Training

We provide technical and functional training to our SI partners and their customers for the offered systems. In addition, we facilitate different training programs for our technical teams of SI partners and their clients. These training programs empower them with the knowledge of the latest security system updates. It helps them make optimal use of our solutions.