Coast Ports

An unmonitored and unsafe port or coast can make a country vulnerable to the entry of trespassers and suspicious items. But technology-driven security surveillance systems can help ports and coasts combat modern security challenges.

Startologic specializes in crafting security surveillance solutions for coasts and ports. Our solutions are aligned with modern marine threats and safety concerns.  At Startologic we deliver a surveillance solution you can rely on at any time during the day and night. Our solutions address concerns like security surveillance system, visibility, radar, Lidar etc. to ensure enhanced surveillance

Our Technologies


Detect, Recognize, and identify the person/face


Record, Monitoring, and create
situation awareness

Video Analytics

Analyze, detect, and determine


Automatic video summarization, fast navigation, and retrieval of video

Radar & Lidar

Detecting the presence and
occupancy of distant object


Centralized management, correlate
and integrate security application


Aerial surveillance, Mapping,

Access Control

Multifactor authentication, identify and verify authorization