Our Engines

PRYSM S.A., France, with its flagship product AppVision, is a brand-neutral Open Architecture platform which has delivered more than 4500+ projectsglobally with a large library of 450+ drivers. AppVision’s ability to integrate disparate security systems across product categories have made them the preferred choice as a Smart Integration Platform for Command & Control, Smart cities application, Enterprise Unified platform. Startologic also supports to custom-build drivers as per user requirements where necessary.

HERTA SECURITY, Spain, with its World’s Fastest Facial Recognition technology enables customers to detect faces upto 3.5 million faces in less than a secondusing the powerful GPU architecture and delivering speedy results. HERTA has been widely deployed across segments of public safety like city surveillance, transportation, hospitality, corporate, banking, etc. Startologic also supports to build applications specific to the user segment with HERTA engines at the core of the application.

Xanview, UK brings cloud security and video surveillance that saves costs & time, and is also easier to use. It takes seconds to review and find event, integrates with other security devices, connects existing and new cameras while giving cloud back up & notifications.

VCA Technology, UK brings accurate, affordable and ready to be used out-of-the-box analytics solutions that have centralized or edge based analytics, can integrate with new camera installations and also retrofit to existing systems.