Integrated Security

We believe that the best security infrastructure needs to be fully-integrated for meaningful response when you need it the most. Startologic provides customized user-defined integrated solutions from PRYSM for managing incidents & response from disparate security & safety systems, audio-visual categories and technologies.

The changing security landscape has put monitoring teams across segments & sizes to constantly improvise their surveillance needs with changing technologies even for the same product& varied categories. The control room environment needs have the comfort &ease in managing day to day operations irrespective of the magnitude of incident(s), especially in large areas with SOPs which are user-defined.

Incidents where public safety is concerned, law enforcement agencies & departments need the support of deployed security systems where speed, performance & real time integration between these systems become the backbone to saving lives, protect assets &reputation. The dynamic nature of threats requires an unparalleled Open Architecture to plug in on need based requirements at every step in the future. Startologic asPRYSM’s National Sales & Support partner enables driver development for specific requirements apart from solution design, business development, customer support & after sales.

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